Saturday, February 23, 2013

a letter to my best friend ):)

dear someone, 
you were a good person. i won't ever deny it. i know it deep in your soul, your call, yes i believe you are.
people used to admire you, love you, like you. well, i also did.
but now you are not who i knew before. you are not you.
please go back to the person you used to be. person that i loved. person that i adored. person that very nice to me. please. i miss you so much.
you're selfish. people miss you. people lost you. people want you back. people concern to you. see your best friends. see me. see your parents. see them. they want you back so bad. they sad and dying of seeing you this way.
don't ever think no one care to you. many people do. if it's true that they don't, at least i'm still here. i'm still watching you.
see the future, not the past. don't be silly. this is a big chance and only once. i don't want to see you cry and full of regret tomorrow. i don't want to see your parents less of proud to you. i know you're smart. God has given you great intelligence, big heart, big soul, good physical abilities, talents, good behavior, nice parents, and even perfect environment. don't ruin the blessings. be responsible to Him. to your parents. to yourself. don't be selfish. please.
see your mother's cry, see your father's pray. how could you be so mean? i know you once a good boy.
you won't know my concern, and i don't know how to tell you. we used to be so close each other, but it was years ago. i know i no longer know you. you're worlds away from me. i know you count on me no more. but i still care. i did, i still do, and i will.
sincerely, your used-to-be-your-besties.